Children's  Crystal Workshops  by Lisa Bevan

Ages 6-10yo


A beautiful sacred space for your children to learn and reconnect to the magical crystal kingdom


Connecting into the sun and earth energies to reground and nurture

Children expressing in the workshop

After the completion of the Children's Crystal Workshop your child will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Your child will experience:

  • A talking Circle
  • A gentle Introduction to the Crystal Kingdom
  • and more.....(depending on group size and energy flow)

Your child will learn:

  • How to connect to mother earth, the angels and nature spirits
  • How to choose certain crystals to help them in their everyday life
  • How to cleanse and energize a crystal and learn how to get the best out of their crystal friends
  • How Crystals are good for healing themselves and the animal kingdom

Exchange: *T.B.A

*Payment due two weeks prior to workshop date to secure your child's place

Payment is non refundable and will be transferred to next available date.

Your Child/Children will receive a chakra kit,

  • a work book and a certificate of attendance.

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New Children's Crystal Workshop Dates

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Coldstream Yarra Valley




Coldstream Yarra Valley



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T.B.A Coldstream Yarra Valley


**Payment options: direct deposit, visit us via our contact page for banking details