'Lisa Bevan'

Lisa has experienced her own unique wisdom, knowledge, and unconditional love that she had locked deep inside for quite some time. Crystals have been with Lisa for many years and have assisted, her family and pets with crystal healing and assisting them in passing over, ridding the body of disease and assisting in soul transformation. Lisa, has received many different forms of healing and life changing experiences promoting much personal growth and awareness.

Connecting deeply with the assistance of the crystal kingdom to find self healing and love, therefore, through her own experiences, Lisa is proud to be able to share her teachings with love and compassion for others, assisting them on their own journey of growth, by offering them a sacred space enabling them to heal.
Working with the shamanic side of crystal healing, and a strong connection and belief to her Native Spirit Guides.

My Connection to the Crystal Kingdom

I received the call to work with the Crystal Kingdom in the late 90's. I was originally learning how to expand my abilities as a psychic medium however, the crystal kingdom had other plans. I have always had crystals around me and knew to cleanse and energize them around the full moon. I would make gem elixirs and call upon their essence when I needed to feel loved. I have always felt safe and secure with crystals around me.

I have had many other experiences with assisting animals and humans then I became curious, like you to find out more. I embarked on a new journey of self discovery and healing, and participated in few workshops to deepen my connection.

I am a Certified Crystal Shamanic Healer and a Crystal Shamanic Approved Trainer through IICT. My Journey began as I started searching for a deeper connection to unconditional love, like you may have had, I started hearing the call from the Crystal Kingdom, and as I shut down my ego and became more open to crystals and their powerful healing abilities, the crystals started communicating with me loud and clear. So I went on a discovery to deepen my connection as I participated in a few courses of learning. I received qualification as a Crystal Healer in 2009, in 2010 I earned qualification as an Advanced Crystal Healer (Crystal Shamanic Healer) with my new connection to Crystals growing I began to rid my soul of old unwanted beliefs and started to feel lightness in my four bodies, Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. In 2011, I went on a deeper journey of becoming a Certified Crystal Healing Workshop Facilitator, loving this more organic connection to Crystals and Healing and more of a connection to the Grandfathers Sun and Sky, the Grandmothers Earth and Moon, and  working with a more simplified natural way of working with Crystals I wrote my own workshops one for Adults and one for Children and Youth, these Crystal Workshops explore they journey of what I have learned over the years and my own personal experiences of working with crystals and how they have impacted my life, in turn I look forward to help the lives of others.

I believe the crystal kingdom calls you when they know you are ready to connect.

This time on our sacred earth mother is a continuing time of transformation, healing and awakening, the crystal kingdom are calling on us even louder to connect with them. you may have already started to hear them call out to you asking you to reconnect."


Children's Crystal Workshops

Lisa, has also created this workshop, a basic introduction to the crystal kingdom for our children. As children are also going through huge transformation and in this modern day world it is just as difficult for them with all the cosmic activity.

The crystal kingdom called upon me to create a crystal workshop just for children to allow them to nurture and receive the beautiful love and assistance of the crystal kingdom, to connect with nature spirits, angels and faeries, to assist them not take on board adult issues and to stand in their power in regards to bullies and the pressure society places upon them with technology, fashion and the like.

I welcome your child/children to join me in a 2-3 hour crystal workshop of unconditional love.