Guided Crystal Healing sessions

In the outer eastern suburbs of melbourne, all healing sessions are facilitated by qualified crystal shamanic healer Lisa.

"Crystals, as I have learned, have been around for thousands of years, with many cultures and tribes have utilised them for healing's

and deepening their connection to our sacred earth mother.

In my experience we sometimes hold onto old beliefs and emotions, because of this, they manifest into our

physical body creating dis-ease.   When we experience a shock, or a soul loss we suppress this emotion into our

spiritual, physical, mental and emotional bodies. Creating disharmony and in balance in our energy centers- the "Chakra System".

Crystals are from the earth, they are here to assist us gently in releasing wounds and old suppressed emotions.

I call upon the assistance of my medicine drum, rattle and feathers  in these sacred Crystal Healing’s".

You will experience a guided chakra balance and then I will take you on a journey to retrieve an aspect of yourself that needs to be acknowledged, validated and healed.

Crystal Chakra Balance

Experience a guided meditation as you tap into your chakra centers to receive healing from the crystal kingdom. Enjoy connecting into these powerful energy centres as you re-align your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies back into your soul as you work towards healing and repairing old blockages from the past.

Guided Crystal Inner Child Healing

As you initially receive a chakra balance, moving then with the assistance of mother earth's most powerful healing tools the crystal kingdom, you are taken on a guided journey to reconnect with your inner child, whether it be for healing the inner child, or bringing forth your joyous inner child to heal the adult internally and externally.

Guided Crystal Shamanic Healing

You will first receive a Crystal Chakra Balance and then I will guide you on a journey to access the part of your soul that has been lost maybe in this life or from past lives. This is a gentle healing and is very powerful as you ascertain an element of your soul that is waiting for acknowledgement, validation and healing so that you can move past this blockage and move forward.

Chakras and Crystal Healing

"Chakra’s are often described as energy centers that spin around our bodies, some see them as lotus flowers or colors of energy. It is believed the lower chakra’s closer to the earth spin at a slower pace and the higher chakra’s closer to the creator spin faster.  When the chakra’s spin at different speeds and diameters it creates disharmony.

Crystals have their own alignment to the Chakra’s, our energies and organs.

In these healing's I work on healing ailments of the heart.

I work with two to three main Chakra’s that are unbalanced or blocked at the time of your healing.

If you are new to the Crystal Kingdom and Chakra Centers, I will go through this for you before we start, then the crystals and I will take you on a guided meditation as your body is reminded how to heal and balance your energy centers"


Shaman’s believe that healing is a daily process of Gratitude and Love. They also believe that there is a part of your soul that is allowed to leave your body when you sleep. Sometimes due to a shock, like a phone call in the middle of the night or a car accident, depression or even a divorce, that aspect of your soul leaves your body so the physical body can heal and this fragmented part of your soul, doesn’t always want to return by itself.

(Crystal Healing is a process of laying crystals on and around the body, it is NOT A MASSAGE)

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Crystal Healing Sessions

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