One day Crystal Healing Workshop

Level 1

with Lisa Bevan


Welcome all I invite you to join me in this beautiful one day introduction to Crystals and Healing.

I am a Qualified Crystal Shamanic Healer and Crystal Workshop Facilitator.

This is a gentle introduction for people who have been drawn to crystals for a while and are looking to deepen their connection.

What you will experience:

  • A Sacred Sound Cirlcle
  • A beautiful guided meditation
  • The history to present day of the crystal kingdom and how they were and still are effective in healing
  • Knowledge on how to reignite or reconnect yourself to the crystal kingdom and their energies
  • Knowledge on how these beautiful beings can assist you with healing of self and others
  • How crystals can assist you to program to assist in removing blockages
  • Activating a Crystal Grid
  • A basic healing technique to facilitate on yourself and others
  • Faciltating and receiving a Chakra Balance Healing

The time now is yours to heal and nurture, from deep within your soul, time to put yourself first for this cleansing and healing day, just for you, as you deserve it.

No previous experience is required.

We are ALL natural healers, everyone is unique in their own way, and everyone's journey is different.

The crystals and I welcome you to gift yourself the opportunity to listen to their call to connect, through Love, Respect, Honor and Gratitude for your souls existence in this sacred time on earth.

Crystal Blessings


One Day Crystal Healing Workshop

You will experience this amazing one day crystal workshop where you go back to the beginning to retrieve the stored locked information that is in you. Learn some beautiful organic ways of deepening your connection with the Crystal Kingdom

Note: All Workshops do not include accommodation and/or travel


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