Meditation Classes

" I love your meditation classes Lisa, especially the way you open up the chakras, explain where they are and what they relate to".



"Your meditations are very relaxing, I slept well last night for the first time in 12 months, thankyou"


"When I was meditating I found myself inside the crystal, I was turning it as you were guiding me, and all what we were experiencing I could see through the crystal"




Testimonials from those whose have attended a Crystal and Chakra Workshop

"Had a great afternoon in the Crystal workshop. Learnt alot of new techniques and some more about healing the Chakra's. Looking forward to the next one"




Testimonials for those who have received a Private Crystal Healing

"Thankyou so much for your healing today Lisa, you explained the Chakra's well and what I will experience in the Crystal Healing, I was new to Crystal Healing so I chose the Chakra Balancing, the Crystals really assisted me in working through the Chakra' and the Colours and assisted me to relax and enjoy the balancing, definately worth it and I will be making another appointment for next week.



"I experienced an inner child healing with Lisa today, at first I was abit nervous as I was not sure what was going to come up, however, I felt, nothing but supported by Lisa and the Crystal Kingdom, and I really let alot of stuff come up so that I could let the pain go and heal, thankyou Lisa from the bottom of my heart, I feel the love inside of my once again as the flame of unconditional love becomes brighter again."



"I was interested in a Crystal Shamanic Healing by Lisa, I was really excited as she explained in detail what I will experience, it was a bit of a challenge allowing myself to face what came up, however, I feel it has also bring a greater awareness of the situation and I now feel that I can move through it with more confirdence".






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