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Welcome dear friends and thank-you for visiting Crystal Earth Spirit Healer.

Crystal Earth Spirit Healer was created as a way to reconnect beautiful people who are looking at reconnecting themselves back to the sacred beat of our earth mother, and her most powerful healing tools the Crystal Kingdom.

If there is any gathering you would love to experience, or if you have any questions regarding upcoming events feel free to contact us.

I have a strong connection to our sacred grandmothers and grandfathers and all the great mysteries of life, and can assist you in awakening to a deeper understanding of yourself by calling upon the loving assistance of our sacred crystal kingdom and all the universal and earthly helpers.

I feel a connection to the beliefs of the old humble ways, reminding us that we are all part of the same source, with the crystal, animal and plant kingdoms, our ancestors (the stars), the four elements and wind directions, the two winged animals, and four legged, our grandfathers (sun and sky) and grandmothers (moon and earth), and our sacred drum gifted to us as we become aware in essence we are all equal.

Each day embrace the experiences of Love, Honour, Gratitude and Respect for yourself and others.

I am very honoured to be able to, through my own experiences, offer such a unique way of letting go your old beliefs around love, abundance, growth and healing, to see and experience the true beauty and wholeness of the crystal kingdom, as you become one and the same with all that there is.

The Crystal Kingdom are singing louder and more beautiful each day as they are calling on you to honour your selves as the beautiful souls that you are, with their help, I believe you can break through any barrier in life as the crystal kingdom allows you to see past the fears and blockages that may be preventing you from walking your true path.

You will love the beautiful Sacred Space that will nurture and hold you as you journey deep into your heart spirit to find purity and oneness with yourself and others.

Crystal Blessings


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